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Punctuation ChallengeUsing Commas Before “So.

02/03/2015 · So, here, using a comma before "so", depends on the meaning of the conjunction "so": I was lost so I bought a street map. so = and for that reason; therefore; and as a result [in this case you try to adopt to a situation]. you to do so that he. Even if some rule tells that it is correct to NOT use a comma before "so that", I would gladly use a comma and break the rule in this specific case, because it makes everything easier to read and understand - which is the ultimate purpose of the entire effort of communicating writing. Knowing where to use a comma before the word “so” is often challenging. Sometimes you need it; other times you should omit it because the context is different. The comma is the most common punctuation mark and the one people wrestle with the most, particularly when it involves words such as so, when, where, which, and however.

In some contexts you would put a comma before that word, in some contexts you would put a comma after it, in some contexts you would put a comma both before and after it, and in some contexts you would not put a comma either before or after it. A comma corresponds to a place where you would pause if you were speaking the sentence aloud. So you’re writing or editing, and you come across a word in the middle of a sentence that stops you: “so.” A lot of people assume they should always put a comma before “so” because it’s a conjunction. Comma before "so" in an elided "so that" statement. I'm editing a piece that routinely uses a comma before 'so' in a way I wouldn't. Sentences such as. Learn more about serving punch, so. You are here: >> Home >> English Grammar Exercises >> As As - Such That - So That Grammar Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first "Submit Worksheet" and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. 06/07/2008 · When should you use a comma before that and which clauses? Follow four steps to decide: 1. Find the clause beginning with that or which. If the clause begins with a that, omit the comma. If the clause begins with a which, continue to step 2. a.

So is placed before a modifier, an adjective or an adverb, to intensify its quality or manner. This emphasis on the modifier expresses a remarkable situation. This clause can stand alone as a sentence, or it can be paired with thata clause to express an effect result of the remarkable situation mentioned in the main clause. SO THAT — PURPOSE; An action/plan may be followed by so thata clause that expresses purpose or goal. The clause after so usually includes a modal, such as can, could, will, would, may or might, all of which express general timing. So that or in order that ? - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary. 1 Look at the clause that starts with which or who. 2 If you'd be happy to put brackets around it or delete it, then use a comma. 3 If you can't put it in brackets or delete it, then don't use a comma. use-in-a- English words and Examples of Usage use "so that" in a sentence He walked on tiptoe so that nobody would hear him. She bought some meat and eggs so.

For "correct English", there has to be a comma before "and so" in both of these cases, since an independent clause follows both ie. if you put what follows "and so" on its own as a sentence, it would make sense grammatically by itself. In any case, it'd surely be understood without the commas, and clarity is the most important thing. In both the examples you provided there are 2 instances of ", and that": 1 in the first link and 1 in the second, I believe the comma is superfluous. First essay: > One significant piece of evidence for this, of course, is that Mr. Romney’s only. The child had so many toys that he could not decide which to play. She has so few friends that she always spends time watching TV at home. He eats so much sugar that he may be a diabetic. There was so little food that many people died of hunger.

18/09/2013 · Use a comma before any coordinating conjunction and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet that links two independent clauses. Rebecca Aydin/Business Insider. You may need to learn a few grammatical terms to understand this one. Put a Comma before a Conjunction If It Joins Two Independent Clauses Words like and, or, and but are known as conjunctions. There are other conjunctions, but these three are by far the most common..

The use of the comma would also apply when any of the seven coordinating conjunctions and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet join two independent clauses. Notice in the next example that we do not use a comma before and because it does not join two independent clauses but merely joins two verbs. Use a comma to separate the elements in a series three or more things, including the last two. "He hit the ball, dropped the bat, and ran to first base." You may have learned that the comma before the "and" is unnecessary, which is fine if you're in control of things. A sentence can start with "so", so you certainly can. You would not use a comma at the beginning of a sentence, as suggested above. You do not always need to use a comma with the word so but if you do, it is best to use the comma before the word. 19/02/2014 · The text “therefore, does not need a comma before ‘but’ ” is not a complete sentence. However, this example still needs commas around the conjunctive adverb “therefore.” If we add a subject to the second part, we will use a comma before the conjunction, as noted in this post.

12 Comma Rules for the Comma Obsessed. See if you can figure out the following riddle:. See that comma before "and," the conjunction?. Please note that we will be following common U.S. rules for this article, so always consult your preferred or required style guide. 2. Use a comma. 07/12/2019 · When do I put a comma before but and when do I not have to put a comma before but? What about a comma after but? Songul Kosker and Kazim Cakmak from Turkey write: Hi! Your web site is great. We're English teachers and we're in trouble with defining and non-defining relative clauses, especially as we can't distinguish when we should use a comma.

Notice how “ so ” is preceded by a comma , but “ so that ” is not. The clause with “ so that ” can come both before and after the independent or main clause, whereas “ so ”cannot change positions but must remain in between both clauses. 09/12/2019 · Examples of the comma before and, so, yet and or. He went to London for two weeks, and he stayed at an expensive hotel. Susan’s loves her cat, and she lets it sleep in her bed. Mary loves her dog, yet she doesn’t let it onto in her bed. There was no chance of changing our flight, so we had to stay for two more days. Comma , Use commas to separate items in a series. Example: Our itinerary included Rome, London, and Madrid. Use a comma before and, but, or, nor, for, so, and yet, when they join independent clauses unless the clauses are short. Example: The story gets off to a. 18/11/2015 · 18 Responses to “Punctuating “So” at the Beginning of a Sentence” Johnny04 on November 18, 2015 10:40 am. I’m guilty of using “so” to begin a sentence. I use it so much that it annoys me. I’m trying to cut down, but I don’t know how. It would be helpful if you could show how you would rewrite the given examples without so.

When do you use a comma before as or because? Could you please explain when to use a comma before as and because? Free Trial: Grammarly, The World’s Best Grammar Checker. Commas are used as grammatical markers to help convey meaning in sentences. This means we have to look at the function of because in the sentence. Remember the 8 parts of. 05/10/2017 · Before moving on to the particular words, it should be noted that “thus”, “therefore”, and “hence” are all rather formal and much more common in writing than in everyday conversation, where they are almost always substituted by “so”. “Thus” and “so”. First, skip the comma if the quotation is introduced by a conjunction like “that,” “whether,” or “if.” Following that guidance, I might write sentences like this: Eddard Stark is constantly reminding people that “winter is coming.” Lord Varys wonders whether “we’ve grown so. Punctuation for Connecting Words GR6.32 C. Klassen & J. Robinson/Revised Winter 2009 4 Add correct punctuation periods and commas to the following paragraph: Exercise 2: Mark loves to travel but Amy doesn’t so they often argue about where to spend their vacation time one summer they decided to try something different Mark went to.

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